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ACME Omnipresent Interstellar Corporate Conglomeration

ACME Mars is the reigning jem in the ACME Omnipresent Interstellar Corporate Conglomeration family. Set-up in 1972 by making a minor miscalculation on a trajectory towards the sun, our rag tag team of death row inmates miraciously survived and built a thriving martian province.

Since reclaiming the territory from the now peace loving ex-criminals with their new found hippy and "oh look at me I'm a new born Christan" ways, ACME Omnipresent Interstellar Corporate Conglomeration rules the land with an iron fist, that even a hardened Duke from Medival times might question.

Our spacious 4m2 luxurious appartments with a clear view to the clinical white walls offer all the modern fixings you have on earth, like the occasional bulkhead breach depriving you of an already highly limited to your budget Oxygen supply.

Why wait for somebody else to take this glorious opportunity to see the stars, contact ACME Star Travel to book your tickets today !

Federated Corporate Senate.

Proxy K'jarg Hurgoh
ACME OICC Martian Colony
1044 Uitsig St
6131 MARS

ACME Switchboard 24/7 - +44 (0)28 9244 8977

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